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Important Information for December 2021 The Board met on 12.17.2021 for the Election of President and Treasurer.

Barry Horton ran unopposed. He remains Treasurer.

There was one Nomination for President, but during the meeting it was disclosed that that person had decided not to run. Consequently, Diane Hanson who has served as Vice President for 2021 is now President.

The next Board meeting will be held by ZOOM on Jan. 21. 2022. We will be discussing new and exciting directions for OMHA. If you have any suggestions or input please write or email them to Donna Cooper, the Director at Large at: She will bring them to the Board meeting. We want to include everyone in our future plans.

Thank you for your service,

Diane Hanson - President of OMHA
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OMHA, P.O. Box 642, San Luis Rey, CA 92068

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Donna Cooper webmaster or to: Diane Hanson - President
Important Information Park Reps: For your Information Below is a message from Angie Hanifin, City of Oceanside Housing Dept. - November of 2021

“Subject: Rumor Going Around Rancho San Luis Rey Mobile Home Park"

Hello Esther: I am not sure if you are aware, but John Saunders, the owner of the park is buying up mobile homes quickly. He has bought at least 16 of them that we know of.

There is a rumor floating around the park that if he buys up a certain percentage of the homes, rent control will be terminated.

Are you able to tell me if this is true and if so, what percentage would he need to own? I just don't know where to turn for this answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Hanson,


Message from Oceanside Housing Administration reads:

Both the ordinance and state law do not have provisions for rent control terminating based on a certain percentage of homes in a specific park.

This seems to be a rumor that has persisted. The ordinance covers spaces within parks, so there can could be one space in a park under rent control if all the other spaces are exempt. Spaces exempt from rent control include those owned and rented by the park owner, spaces under long-term leases in excess of 12 months, and spaces in which the mobile home is not the primary residence of the owner (vacation home). However, the ordinance under 16B.16 (c) describes the circumstances under which the provisions of the chapter may be suspended.

More than five percent of the spaces city-wide would have to be vacant for the ordinance to be suspended. As of the last annual park registration in November of last year, 20 out of 2,578 spaces were vacant, less than 1 percent. Another 197 spaces had park-owned homes on them.

(c) Suspension of provisions.

The provisions of this chapter shall remain in full force and effect unless and until the space vacancy rate of all manufactured home parks regulated hereunder, except as provided below, exceeds five (5) percent. The space vacancy rate shall be calculated by dividing the total number of rental spaces in the applicable parks into the total number of such spaces which are not occupied by manufactured homes. Parks which have not been in operation for more than two (2) years from the date of occupancy of the first manufactured home, not including manufactured homes occupied by park owners or employees thereof, shall not be included in the vacancy calculation.

(1) Upon recognition by the city council by resolution that the vacancy rate exceeds five(5) percent, the provisions of this chapter shall be suspended. The provisions shall be automatically reinstituted upon the adoption of a resolution by the city council declaring the vacancy rate to be five (5) percent or less.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions or require further assistance.

Angie Hanifin.
Housing Administrator
Inspections of Mobile Homes Parks Inspections for Mobile Home Parks Explained Here at Link

OMHA Former President

Bob Markley, Past President

ROBERT MARKLEY - by Diane Hanson

Bob moved to Rancho San Luis Rey Manufactured Home Park in 2003. He is a perfect example of leading and supporting all the organizations that protect Mobilehome owners. He has been President of OMHA for a decade. Rent Control was the issue about 10 years ago.Three of the Oceanside Councilmen tried to decontrol our Rent Control. Bob helped to organize, lead and participated in getting signatures for the Referendum needed to get this issue on the ballot and then to get Oceanside citizens to vote for it. He just retired as President but will stay active as a member. He did the above while also being President of GSMOL.

He is still President of GSMOL’s chapter 708. He organized four fairs each year that brought money into the chapter. Annually he heads the membership drive for 3 organizations. HAC (Rancho San Luis Rey’s Homeowners Advisory Committee) OMHA and GSMOL. Currently, he is on the Board of HAC, and keeps himself educated and informed about the issues involving Homeowners of Manufactures homes in Oceanside. If everyone worked as hard as he does for the Manufactured Homeowners of Oceanside, it would be a better place for all.

Thank you Bob for all you have done and for all your years of service.
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